The Ten Commandments Rosary by Ghirelli

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The Ten Commandments Rosary is a Ghirelli exclusive! Mediate on God's eternal truths and commandments to live a holy life. Made in Italy by world premier rosary designer and manufacturer Ghirelli. 

Beads: Bohemian glass beads in 8 mm size and natural colors. Also includes hand-decorated 8mm Lumen Beads.

The Crucifix: An original interpretation of the staff with which Moses acted in the name and on behalf of God Almighty.

The Centerpiece: A double stone-effect "Stone Tablet" design with natural and suggestive details engraved with the Commandments.

The Our Father medals/beads: Components resembling a “Stone Tablet” with natural and suggestive details, engraved with the Commandments.

Finish: Antique bronze

Style: Vintage

Signature: Ghirelli Branding Bar shows authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance.


Customer Reviews

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Prays/Collects Unique Rosaries.

This rosary is even more stunning when holding it in your hands. My fingers glide smoothly over the gorgeous beads, and if my eyes are closed, I can tell immediately that I am at the Pater (tablet icon.) I am proud to add this rosary to my blessed collection of rosaries. This is my 4th Gherelli Rosary. All of the rosaries purchased have surpassed my expectations. Thank you!

Meaningful Rosary

Beautiful beads, fine quality. Especially meaningful gift for a Hebrew Catholic!

Beautiful Rosary

I have bought several Ghirelli rosaries and I haven’t been disappointed yet. The craftsmanship is amazing. And they are so unique.

The Law of the Lord gives joy to the heart!

What a beautiful rosary celebrating the great Ten Commandments! Through the intercession of Our Lady, may we put our love for God and neighbor into action.

The Ten Commandments Rosary: A Very Unique Treasure

Ghirelli's collection of new rosaries is very impressive, so when I took a look, I figured it was inevitable that I would want to acquire one or more of therm. I figured correctly! The new Ten Commandments Rosary is a really unique piece, and I'm delighted that I ordered one. It is a beautifully designed and manufactured rosary --- from rich and impressive materials. Its heavy "feel" makes it a fine men's rosary. The fact that it ties Moses to Jesus and Our Lady just makes it even more special. What an awesome addition to my rosary collection, which now includes nearly a dozen Ghirelli creations. The wonderful customer service from Dino and Julie make the experience of acquiring Ghirelli rosaries even more of a pleasure. Many thanks!

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