Swarovski (r) Crystal and Sterling Silver Precious Rosary, rhodium plated finish

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8 mm Swarovski ® Crystal 160 facets round beads with Aurora Borealis effect - Finish in 925/°°° Sterling Silver 0.60 mm wire, thick rhodium plated, diamond cut "gourmette" chain 925/°°° Sterling Silver, 0.50 mm thick rhodium plated, Ghirelli brand plate in zamak alloy - Hand-made centerpiece with round shaped Swarovski ® pendant hand-set within a 925/°°° Sterling Silver frame thick rhodium plated, in the middle image of the Ferruzzi Madonna in 925/°°° Sterling Silver thick rhodium plated - Hand-made crucifix with cross-shaped Swarovski ® pendant hand-set on a 925/°°° Sterling Silver structure thick rhodium plated, in the middle Body of Jesus in 925/°°° Sterling Silver, thick rhodium plated

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