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The official rosary for the Flame of Love apostolate. Custom rosary in 6mm Bohemian cobalt blue glass beads. Ornate Crucifix, with IHS signia and Flame of Love rays emiting from behind Christ. The Centerpiece shows the official Flame of Love image and the Immaculate Heart on the front, and an image of Saint John Paul II's Monstrance of the Blessed Sacrament on the reverse. In Antique Silver finish. 

In 2013, Pope Francis imparted his Apostolic Blessing to the "Flame Of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary" movement.

Elizabeth Kindelmann was a laywoman from Budapest, Hungary who died in 1985. She, like St. Faustina, was given a mission by God and His Mother for His Church to emphasize a special Grace from God for His Church. She was always obedient to priests and bishops. Our Lady told her to gather 12 special pastors, four from within Budapest and 8 from outside the city to start a Movement to spread this special Grace to the whole world. Elizabeth was instructed to keep a Diary, which explains the special Grace, which God calls the “Grace from the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” and “the greatest Grace given to mankind since the Incarnation”. God promised that this Grace would be spread to the whole world.

In the Diary, our Lady always speaks about the “Cause”, i.e. the Flame of Love Movement . She asks Elizabeth to be zealous and to speak often to these priests about “moving the Cause ahead.” Her priest-confessors were sometimes slow to understand and slow to act, even though our Lady asked for action. Yet, they were accepting and sympathetic toward Elizabeth.

Fr. Gabriel Rona, S.J., a Hungarian priest, was also a missionary to Latin America and translated her diary into Spanish. (His book was used for the English translations of both the entire diary and the Simplified Version). He was appointed the Spiritual Director of the Movement for many years. In 1989, Cardinal Echeverria Ruiz (Archdiocese of Guayaquil, Ecuador) approved Fr. Rona’s translation. In 1996, he approved the statutes of the Flame of Love Movement for his archdiocese and asked the Holy Father to approve the Movement for the whole world. Cardinal Stafford, prefect for the Congregation for the Laity, sent a letter encouraging the Cardinal in his work.

Cardinal Peter Erdo, Archbishop of Elizabeth’s Archdiocese of Budapest, went more deeply into the question by establishing a theological commission. In 2009, Cardinal Erdo said that the commission found her writings free from error. He gave his imprimatur; wrote about the importance of this Movement of Grace as a gift from God; and also formally established the Flame of Love as a lay movement in his archdiocese.

Since then, other Hungarian dioceses have done the same, as have other dioceses around the world.In the United States, the Flame of Love Movement is just beginning under the International Pious Association of the Faithful established to spread the Message to the whole world. This association has been in existence for many years in other countries of the world.

Anthony Mullen (who lives in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia where the National Center is located) has been named National Director by the International Association. Archbishop Chaput (Philadelphia) gave his imprimatur to the English translation from the Spanish of the Flame of Love Book released by the Center.

We see ourselves as a grassroots movement, trying to faithfully and prudently put into practice the desires of God and our Mother as described in the Diary. We pledge total loyalty and obedience to the Church. We especially invite all priests and religious to help us to guide this new Movement solely for God’s glory in His Church and according to His Will.

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for some reason I kept it in the back of my head ,you know it when you keep thinking about something and for months , so I gave in and order it so very happy I did , I LOVE it ,its my pocket Rosary


Love the rosary. Use it daily.

Beautiful Rosary

This is the twelfth rosary I bought from Ghirelli. Each rosary is beautifully hand crafted. The Crucifix and Center medallion have exceptionally nice detailing and the size is just perfect. I also love the cobalt blue beads. I am very happy with this rosary and I intend to buy more for friends and families.


I love how there are sparkles on the centerpiece and crucifix. It adds a nice touch to the rosary. The color is so beautiful and it’s durable, as usual for Ghirelli.

Easter Rosary

Even though, I purchased my Easter Rosary from another Catholic organization - It is beautiful. All of what Julie told me is true. Even the other company. We need to pray to our Lord, God and Mary plus Joseph now more than ever.

I don't want to mention why but I am not happy with the way the World in someways is going. I am very happy that on July 15th (Saturday), the American Olympic Channel will be launching with Live Coverage of the Budapest, Hungary Aquatics Championships including Diving, High Diving, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming, Ceremonies and so much more including all the swimming. The American Olympic Channel will be taking over Universal HD. 24 / 7. Awesome channel.

Please pray for a good world for Caiden Lochte and family and Boomer Phelps and Family. We may see these two young men compete in the Olympics someday.

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