The Vatican Seal Rosary

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Official Vatican Rosary with faux Mother-of-Pearl beads and imprinted rosary pouch. Available in Antique Silver Plated Finish. Exclusively from Ghirelli.

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Perfect Tribute

I collect Ghirelli Rosaries (all rosaries but after discovering how exquisite and unique each Ghirelli is I concentrate on these...I find each one an expression of our faith that conveys a wonderful message or inspires me to learn more about the Saints) and as I have all the ones dedicated to the popes and the Vatican
I wanted this one also. It is a lovely yet simple piece. I like the delicate beads and the intricate detailing on the centerpiece. Easy and comfortable to guide me through my nightly recitation of the Rosary. God bless the wonderful family who make these available.

Love This Very Rosary

I order this Rosary as I felt like I need it as I am a collector of many Rosaries ,I feel safe when I have a Rosary at my side 24/7. I can't live with out a Rosary , this one is great for those who like smaller Rosary. even for a teen , a child of any age, a first Rosary, fits very well in a hand bag ,pocket , a rosary when you walk .

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