The USA Rosary

The USA Rosary in Gold Finish


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Mary Immaculate was officially declared the patroness of the United States in 1847.
For more than 150 years, Catholics throughout the land have placed themselves and all their hopes, dreams and concerns under the special patronage of the holy Mother of God, whose Immaculate Conception is venerated by the piety of the faithful.
With the new USA Rosary, we hope Americans far and wide will be strengthened in their resolve to be ever more faithful followers of Jesus, while praying a rosary for the

Gold finish with red and blue enamel on the front of the Crucifix, with a portion of the Pledge Of Allegiance, “One Nation Under God”, inscribed on the reverse side.

The Centerpiece, also in Gold finish, presents an image of Our Lady, with a map of the U.S. behind Her.
The reverse side presents an inscription of Psalm 33:12. The Hail Mary beads are heavy antique copper-finished medals, with an image of the Immaculate Conception on one side and each state’s individual abbreviation on the other side.
The Our Father bead medals present the Miraculous Medal in antique finish.

Customer Reviews

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Beautifully constructed! Our country needs lots of rosaries to be prayed....this rosary reminds me to offer those prayers!

USA Rosary

Great Christmas gift for my God Daughter who's father is in the Marines.


I bought the gold for a gift for my friend and the silver for myself. They are both beautiful, and I truly cannot decide which I like better. My friend and I pray for our country, and these were absolutely perfect.

Critical Review!

I love the idea behind this rosary, American Catholics praying for America! A few design criticisms came to mind the first time I prayed the rosary using this. It is quite large and heavy. The crucifix is enormous, much larger than any of my other rosaries. The gold color makes it difficult to read the inscriptions and to clearly see the face of the Blessed Mother. I think the silver color probably works better to see these. I looked at each "state" bead as I prayed the Hail Mary's. Once you get halfway through the states, the direction of the state inscription flips, so you have to reposition the rosary to see the state inscription right-side up. I would have preferred that the inscriptions had stayed in the same direction throughout. The state inscriptions are the 2-letter abbreviations, but the alphabetical order of the states on the rosary are in accordance with the full state names. At first, I thought my rosary beads were out of alphabetical order, for example, VT comes before VA, but then I realized Vermont comes before Virginia, alphabetically. This really bothered me at first, but I'm sure I will get used to it. You see, when I pray each Hail Mary, I think of that state and pray specifically for it. Despite my seemingly over-critical comments, I love this rosary and will be using it often to pray for our country.

The rosary I've always wanted

I do not know where to begin with my review. I will say that I've always wanted something like this. It is beautiful. I have been wanting to pray with this rosary for quite some time. I even had people compliment it. This special rosary is a reminder that I'm a Catholic American.

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