The Rosary of the Twelve Apostles by Ghirelli

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We honor all followers of Our Lord Jesus and his Church -- and give special honor to the Twelve he chose for his mission: Simon Peter, Andrew, John, James the Greater, James the Less, Matthew, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot, and Matthias (who replaced Judas Iscariot).

Beads: Bohemian glass beads in 8 mm size and pink pearl color.

Crucifix: A precise replication of the historical Crucifix from the Liechtenstein Curia, depicting the Four Evangelists at the ends of the Crucifix, and their representative symbols at the back. A depiction of Christ Pantocrator can be found in the center back.

Centerpiece: Jesus calls Peter on the shoreline, inspired by the Gospel passage, "Come and Follow Me" (Mark 10:17 - 30).

Our Father medals/beads: Artistic bas-reliefs of the Twelve Apostles

Finish: Antique silver

Style: Classic

Signature: Ghirelli Branding Bar shows authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance.


Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Quality Rosary

Very happy with my purchase. This is for our daughters First Communion and we wanted to purchase a Rosary she would have throughout her life. The detail on the Rosary was of utmost importance to me and this one is outstanding! It truly is a stunning Rosary. I am also very pleased to say the order was fulfilled quickly and shipped fast! Thank you for offering these beautifully adorned Rosaries. We know our daughter will cherish it forever. What a treasure to have found your site.

More Beautiful Than Expected

The Rosary of the Twelve Apostles, even though I knew i would not be disappointed, was even more beautiful than I expected. To me, it has a special meaning during this Lenten season!

Elegant and Meaningful

I have never been disappointed by a Ghirelli Rosary but I must say each one becomes more lovely! I marvel at the detail and wonder who designs these beautiful pieces. This one is a Masterpiece in itself. Each Apostle stands out and the bead color sets them off beautifully! I already have my next order planned. A joy to use and meditate on.

LOVE THIS ROSARY Because It Tells A Story

I receive my Rosary yesterday , for some reason North Houston Postal service hangs on to what I order , but T receive an email that it was in my p.o.box I race to the Post Office to get it , WOW , I love it for many reasons ,one it tells a story about the 12 Apostles and two I have 2 Great Granddaughters I can share this story and teach them about our Rosary, this to me is a great teaching tool for parents a family Rosary each Rosary it different ,guess that's the reason I have sso very many it has its own story ,plus I can teach others who tell me other wise ,with this Rosary I can show as well as teach adults who tell me I'm not a Christian / Catholic , ,I believe every family needs a family Rosary as well as each member of there family needs there own Rosary ,to keep at there side ,in this site you have so very many Beautiful Rosaries , to choose and pick from ,.

Beautiful Holy Apostles Rosary

I love the unique medals in this rosary that honor the Twelve. The crucifix with the Four Evangelists is also stunning. Overall another masterpiece by Ghirelli!

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