Since 1988, Ghirelli has been known the world over for introducing rosaries of incomparable quality and style.

A Ghirelli rosary is recognized not only for its beauty, but also for its originality in conceptual design. 

The rosaries in our Special Collection offer a new and exciting opportunity to pray and meditate using imagery that will inspire the faithful to continue on their faith journey with greater enthusiasm.

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The Rosary of the Holy Ange...

Beautiful, original, highly detailed and inspirational rosary made in Italy exclusively by Ghirelli. 

The ornate Crucifix features Our Lord Jesus with two holy angels by his side, the Centerpiece showing Our Lady holding the Christ Child with two holy angels on either side, and four detailed Our Father/Pater medals featuring images of Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, Saint Michael, and the Guardian Angels, with identifying text on the reverse side of each medal.

Available in Antique Silver Finish, with Blue Swirl Bohemian Glass Beads in 8mm size, and Genuine Mother Of Pearl white color Beads in 8mm size.