Rosaries for Men

A unique collection from Ghirelli designed with a man in mind. Strong, durable, solid -- a collection with clear masculine features, serious and decisive lines full of meaning. A collection dedicated to men is born, where combining various materials and creating contrasts at the same time as harmony is the goal of the designers.

Rosaries that express elegance in their simplicity and essentialness.

Bead combinations meant to give personality.

The unique choice of alternating real olivewood beads with simulated stones in satin Black Agate, alternating with real Hematite in satin and shiny finishes to create a masculine aesthetic effect.

Crucifixes with a creative design in which the Face of Jesus asks us to contemplate His Love, as well as the pain caused by our sins.

A Centerpiece that hopes to unite the two Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Simplicity, perfection of details, originality: this is the Ghirelli style for a man.

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