Queen of Ireland, Knock

The Knock National Shrine acknowledged Ghirelli’s artistic skills in asking us to create for them a Rosary Collection of clear identity, knowing full-well that when visiting Knock an overwhelming peace permeates the soul.  It is truly an extraordinary place, one chosen by Providence.


The source of inspiration for the centerpiece of this rosary is to be found in the original design of the Tabernacle.  It becomes the perfect frame for the wonderful apparition scene characterized with careful attention to all details. The desire here was to create a rosary able to transmit the Knock spirituality, and the beautiful sculpture of Our Lady of Knock embraces that desire. Completing this truly custom project is the rose on each of the Our Father beads, each one a faithful reproduction of the rose donated to Knock by Blessed John Paul II.


The entire back wall of the church was bathed in a brilliant light, which could be seen from quite a distance away. The figures were floating half a meter from the ground. The altar with the lamb and the cross was surrounded by angels hovering above it.” -- Mary Beirne, Knock seer


I have felt a strong desire to come here. Yours is a long spiritual tradition of devotion to Our Lady. Mary can truly say of Ireland what we have just heard in the first reading: ‘So I took root in an honored people,’ (Sir 24:12).  All those who have come here have received blessings through the intercession of Mary. From that day of grace, August 21, 1879, until this very day, the sick and suffering, people handicapped in body or mind, troubled in their faith or their conscience, have all been healed, comforted and confirmed in their faith because they trusted that the Mother of God would lead them to her Son, Jesus. Every time a pilgrim comes up to what was once an obscure bogside village in County Mayo; every time a man, woman or child comes up to the Old Church with the Apparition Gable or to the new Shrine of Mary Queen of Ireland, it is to renew his or her faith in the salvation that comes through Jesus, who made us all children of God and heirs to the kingdom of heaven.” -- Homily of Saint Pope John Paul II during his visit to Knock

Our Lady of Knock Queen of ...


Beads: Bohemian round glass in 8 mm size and white color with frosted effect. Bohemian glass facetted in 8 mm size and aquamarine color. Genuine blown Murano glass in 10 mm size and green color with vein-effect in satin finish

Crucifix: Inspired by the presence of the Angels comforting Jesus on the Cross

Centerpiece: The splendid scene of the Apparition of Knock, framed in the reproduction of the Chapel in the Basilica. A Ghirelli creation dedicated to devotion to Our Lady of Ireland.

Finish: Antique Copper

Style: Baroque

Signature: Ghirelli Branding Bar shows authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance