Holy Communion

Creativity, details full of meaning, and care in all the particulars are vitally important for rosaries celebrating the heart of the Catholic faith. The Holy Communion Collection was created to become both a gift of faith and an expression of elegance. These goals make it distinguished and expressive of all the Italian-made style inherent in each piece which is signed with the Ghirelli name.


Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him.” -- John 6:51-58


First:  I will go to Confession often, and as frequently to Holy Communion as my confessor allows.
Second:  I wish to sanctify the Sundays and festivals in a special manner.
Third:  My friends shall be Jesus and Mary.
Fourth: Death rather than sin.

-- Resolutions made by Saint Dominic Savio on the occasion of his First Communion

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