Heroic Christianity is honored and celebrated in our Saints Collection, as Ghirelli presents those well-known and well-loved individuals found throughout Catholicism's 2,000 year history as having lived virtuous lives dedicated to our Lord and His Church.
Saint Faustina Divine Mercy...

Beads: Faceted Bohemian glass crystal beads in 6x4 mm size and vibrant red color. Accent beads in 6mm size and silver-colored metallic finish with diamond effect

Crucifix: An artistic superimposition rich in details: on one side a splendid monstrance with white enameled Host, and on the other side a bas-relief of the Merciful Jesus – a faithful and precise reproduction of the original Divine Mercy painting as described by Saint Faustina Kowalska

Centerpiece: An image of beloved Saint Faustina Kowalska and her confessor, Blessed Michael Sopocko -- great saints from whom the Catholic faithful received the message of Divine Mercy. In between them a detailed image of the confessional – where Saint Faustina first confided in Fr. Sopocko Our Lord’s message and vision of Divine Mercy

Finish: Antique silver

Style: Contemporary

Details: Crucifix with hand painted enamel by master decorators

Signature: Ghirelli Branding Bar shows authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance

Saint Ignatius of Loyola Ro...

Ghirelli honors one of the Church's great saints -- Ignatius of Loyola. His constant endeavor was to lead the faithful to give greater praise to God through both prayer and apostolic service. He is known for a repeated phrase, which became his motto and that of the Society of Jesus, which he founded: "For the Greater Glory of God."

This unique and highly creative and detailed rosary features 6mm x 8mm oval Italian wood beads in brown color, with a custom Crucifix, a Centerpiece that features an image of Saint Ignatius on one side and the symbol of the Society of Jesus on the other side, Our Father/Pater medals with the following words in Latin: Ad, Maiorem, De, Gloriam (“For the Greater Glory of God”) and their abbreviations on the reverse side. A custom charm attachment hangs below the Centerpiece which features an image of Our Lady. Available in antique silver finish.

Saint Jacinta Marto silver ...
6 mm glass beads - Silver plated finish with Ghirelli brand plate - Official Centerpiece of the Beatification of Jacinta Marto in antique silver plated finish - Baroque style crucifix, antique silver plated finish
Saint Jacinta Marto silver ...
6 mm Bohemian glass beads, two-tone pearly finish - Silver plated finish with caps and Ghirelli brand plate - Official Centerpiece and Our Father Beads of the Beatification of Jacinta Marto in antique silver plated finish - Eucharistic Ostensory crucifix with hand-enameled Host inspired by the Real Presence of Jesus in the Most Sacred Eucharist and by the Gospel passage "I am with you always” Matthew 28:20, antique silver plated finish