Christ in the glory of resurrection is at the center of this rosary, a work featuring exultation in the promise of Easter. The elegance and care in detail – with symbols expressing majesty and regality – interpret the Resurrection in a Collection that syntheses design and tradition.


The Way of the Cross, a special rosary accompanying the prayer of the “Via Crucis” has small panels featuring wonderful representations of each Station, and is framed with decor of cord-like effect. Concise descriptions of the Stations help in contemplation, and the Cross with the Risen Christ completes the meditation path.


Why do you seek the living one among the dead? He is not here, but he has been raised.” -- Luke 24: 5-6


The old man yields his place to the new man; the old life is left behind, and a new life can begin (Romans 6:4)…. Yes, my brothers and sisters, Easter is the true salvation of humanity! If Christ – the Lamb of God – had not poured out His blood for us, we would be without hope, our destiny and the destiny of the whole world would inevitably be death. But Easter has reversed that trend: Christ’s resurrection is a new creation, like a graft that can regenerate a whole plant. It is an event that has profoundly changed the course of history, tipping the scales once and for all on the side of good, of life, of pardon. We are free, we are saved! Hence from deep within our hearts we cry out: “Let us sing to the Lord: glorious His triumph!” -- His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Holy Easter Rosary with mul...
A truly unique work of art in amazing detail! Our new Holy Easter Rosary helps you celebrate the Easter season as well as contemplate on one of the most important aspects of our Catholic faith -- Jesus Is Risen! He died for us, suffering great pain and sorrow, intricately displayed with our one-of-a-kind Crucifix design, but also promised he would show salvation and eternal life through his Resurrection -- which shows this Triumph in our "mini sculpture" Centerpiece component which is also hand enameled in white.