Dedicated to ...

A young man dedicates himself to living a life of faith.

A young women dedicates herself to a deeper prayer life.

A groom dedicates himself to his bride. She dedicates herself to him.

A married couple dedicate themselves to their children.

Individually, and as a family devoted to their faith, all dedicate themselves to God Almighty.

Ghirelli dedicates this Special Collection to you.

Rosaries for Women in Antiq...

Ghirelli offers the most unique rosaries -- original artwork, inspiring concepts, interesting bead options, high-quality components. Our Rosaries for Women Collection offers all these characteristics and more.

Beads: 8 mm faceted Bohemian glass with alternating mirror effect

Colors: pink, gold and copper. Hand-decorated 8mm Lumen Beads

Crucifix: inspired by the presence of the Angels beside Jesus on the Cross

Centerpiece: From the intuition of the designers Ghirelli, a loving Madonna who holds her son Jesus in her arms, Mary's "M" takes shape

Finish: Antique gold beads and Antique Copper Components

Style: Baroque

Signature: Ghirelli Branding Bar shows authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance