Buy Quality, Creativity and Meaning When You Purchase a Ghirelli First Communion Rosary

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A First Communion signifies a child’s or adult’s step into a deeper, stronger relationship with God and his Church. It is a unique and singular event worth remembering. The purchase of a rosary as a gift perfectly commemorates this milestone in a loved one’s spiritual life and faith journey.

However, you may be overwhelmed by all the options available for sale. To help you decide on that perfect rosary to order for your special someone, keep the following features in mind as you shop:

Spiritual Meaning

A momentous event requires a meaningful gift. Our rosaries come from a three-decades-long family tradition of creating memorable and expressive pieces. When you buy a Ghirelli First Holy Communion rosary, you also get a lot of thought and meaning behind the design. And, most importantly, you pass on to your loved one an encouragement to pursue a lifetime of meditation, devotion and prayer. An ongoing gift from one purchase.

Keepsake Quality

A gift which lasts certainly fits the occasion of First Communion. Ghirelli rosaries offer quality Italian craftsmanship guaranteed to endure the test of time. Only the best, most exquisite materials are used. Depending on your budget, you can choose from our durable antique finishes, Sterling silver, rose gold and rhodium plated finishes, Swarovski crystal, malachite, rose quartz and mother-of-pearl offer you beautiful keepsake-quality rosaries.

Original Design

Signed with the Ghirelli name, each rosary represents the lifeblood of this family — “to put creativity at the service of prayer.” One glance at the rosaries sold by our family reveals original, thoughtful, creative designs.

To help you order the just-right rosary, consider the following design features:

Basic or fancy: Often plain, basic components sell well for children.

Smooth or faceted beads: One feels good to the fingers; the other looks good to the eyes.

Theme: Designs around Vatican figures, Liturgical seasons, and heroes of the faith (like Mother Teresa or Saint Jacinta Marto) give you personalized options to buy your loved one.

Perfect Fit

Choosing the perfect rosary to buy and give as a gift means knowing the person to whom you are gifting. The look and feel that fits the recipient ensures the rosary gets used — which makes you and the recipient feel good.

For instance, longer rosaries make it easier for fingers to roll over the beads when counting prayers. Shorter designs tuck into pockets for on-the-go prayers.

Above all else: a rosary loved is a rosary used. Whether due to the look, the feel or simply the giver, our rosaries commemorate a First Holy Communion with special meaning. Choose a Ghirelli quality, original design to purchase, and you cannot go wrong. The years of prayer and meditation that follow are the evidence.

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